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Travis County Historic Landmarks and Places

Registered Texas Historic Landmarks

in Travis County




The Academy

400 Academy Drive


Addcox House

900 E 37th St

NE corner of E 37th Street at Red River


Ashford McGill House (Zilker Park Refectory)

2416 Barton Springs Rd.

Austin Nature Center, Zilker Park


Austin Public Library—1933

810 Guadalupe St.


Austin State Hospital

4110 Guadalupe


Austin Woman's Club

708 San Antonio Street


Barr Mansion

10463 Sprinkle Road


Becker School

906 W Milton


Beriah Graham House

2605 Salado


B. J. Smith Property

610 Guadalupe St.


Bloor House

10 Lexington St



Boardman-Webb House

602 W. 9th


Bohls House

901 Old Hutto Rd


Brizendine House

507 W 11th St.


Brown Building

710 Colorado Street


Brueggemann-Sandbo House

200 E. 30th Street


Buddington-Benedict-Sheffield Compound

500-508 W 34th St


Buen Retiro

300 W. 27th

Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house


Carrington-Covert House

1511 Colorado Street


Catherine Robinson House

705 San Antonio St.


Christianson-Leberman Home

1304 Colorado

across from State Capitol, Austin (Old John Hancock House)


Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall

210 W. 6th

1912 U. S. Post Office


Colored Teachers State Association of Texas Building

1191 Navasota


Crusemann-Marsh-Bell House

1509 Marshall Lane


Daniel H. Caswell House

1404 West Avenue


Dawson Stone House

1105 S. Lamar


Denny-Holliday House

1803 West Avenue


Donnan-Hill House

2528 Tanglewood Trail


Downs Field

2816 East 12th Street


Driskill Hotel

6th and Brazos


Edmund and Emily Miller House

910 Poplar St.


Edward Clark House Outbuilding and Possible Slave Quarters

604 West 11th Street


E. H. Carrington Grocery Store and Lyons Hall

522 E. 6th


Elisabet Ney Home

304 E 44th St


Elvira T. Manor Davis House

4112 Avenue B


Emma West Flats

511 West 7th


Esperanza School Building

Zilker Botanical Garden, Zilker Park


Eugene Bremond House

404 W. 7th St.


Fischer House

1008 West Ave.


Fortress Home

1602 E. Dessau Road


French Legation

802 San Marcos St


George W. Sampson Home

1003 Rio Grande St.


Gerhard-Schoch House

2212 Nueces


German Free School

507 E. 10th Street


Gethsemane Church

1510 N. Congress Ave.

Texas Historical Commission offices


Gilfillan House

603 W. 8th


Goodall Wooten House

1900 Rio Grande


Goodman Building

1300 Colorado St.


Governor Horton Place

6706 Bluff Springs Road


Governor's Mansion

1010 Colorado


Granger House and The Perch

805 West 16th Street


Green Pastures

811 W Live Oak


Hale Houston Home

706 Guadalupe Ave.


Hancock Recreation Center

811 East 41st Street


Helena and Robert Ziller House

800 Edgecliff Terrace


Henry G. Madison Cabin

2300 Rosewood Ave

Rosewood Park


Henry H. and Bertha Sterzing Ziller House

1110 Blanco Street


Herblin - Shoe House

712 W. 16th St.


Hezikiah Haskell House

1703 Waterson


Hirshfeld Cottage

305 W 9th St.


Hirshfeld House

303 W 9th St.


Hodnette House

4300 Avenue F


Hofheintz-Reissig Store

600 E 3rd St


Hotel Provident & Heierman Bldg.

115-117 E. 5th


Hugh B. Hancock House

1717 West Ave.


Ireland and Mary Graves House

2 Green Lanes


I. V. Davis Homestead

1610 Virginia Ave


Jacob Larmour House

1711 Rio Grande


Jacob Leser Home

3506 West Avenue


James M. and Leana B. Walsh House

3701 Bonnie Road


Jeremiah Hamilton House

1101 Red River


J. Frank Dobie House

702 E. 26th


J. L. Buaas Building

407 E. 6th St


John Bremond, Jr. House

700 Guadalupe St.


John M. King Log House

Off FM 2769, Cypress Creek in Twin Creeks subdivision, overlooking the golf course. Limited public access


Johnson Home

2201-1/2 Lake Austin Blvd.

American Legion Post No. 76


John Wahrenberger House

208 W. 14th St.


Joseph and Mary Robinson Martin House

600 W. 7th St.


J.W. and Cornelia Rice Scarbrough House

1801 West Ave.


Kappa Kappa Gamma House

2001 University


Keith House

2400 Harris Blvd


King-Von Rosenberg House

1500 Lorrain St

at int. of Enfield Rd and Lorrain St., just W of N. Lamar Blvd.


Kopperl House

4212 Avenue F


Laguna Gloria

3809 W 35th Street

just West of Loop 1


Las Ventanas

602 Harthan


Littlefield Building

601 N. Congress


Littlefield Home

24th at Whitis


Malcolm and Margaret Badger Reed Estate

2407 Harris Blvd


Mary Street Stone House

1001 W Mary St.


Mathews School

906 West Lynn


Matsen House

1800 San Gabriel St.


Mauthe-Myrick Mansion

408 W. 14th St.


McClendon-Price House

1606 Pearl Street


McNeal Home

706 Rio Grande

Medallion reported missing Mar. 2010.


Michael Paggi House

200 Lee Barton Drive


Millett Opera House

111 E. 9th


Millett Opera House (REPLACEMENT)

110 E. Ninth Street


Millbrook (Roy-Hardin House)

1803 Evergreen Ave


Moore-Flack House

901 Rio Grande


Moore-Hancock Farmstead

4811 Sinclair Ave


Mrs. Alfred Robinson, Sr. Home

404 W. 7th


Moore's Crossing Bridge

Richard Moya Park, Burleson Road


Neill-Cochran Home

2312 San Gabriel


Norwood Tower

114 W 7th St


O. Henry Hall

601 Colorado



1505 Windsor Road


Old Depot Hotel

504 E. 5th

Carmelo's, formerly Mi Casa es Su Casa


Old Land Office Building

108 E.11th


Old Lundberg Bakery

1006 Congress

Medallion reported missing Nov. 2016.


Old Rock Store

6266 Hwy. 290W


Old Zimmerman Home

1600 Peyton Gin Road


Onion Creek Lodge 220, AF & AM



Openheimer-Montgomery Building

105-109 W 8th


Paggi Carriage Shop

421 E. 6th


Paramount Theater

713 N. Congress


Pease School Building

1106 Rio Grande Street


Pemberton Castle (Fisher-Gideon House)

1415 Woolridge


Penn and Nellie Wooldridge House

3124 Wheeler St.


Peter and Clotilde Mansbendel House

3824 Avenue F


Philquist-Wood House

4007 Avenue G


Pierre Bremond Home

402 W 7th St.


Platt-Simpson Building

310 E. 6th


Radkey House

3706 Jefferson


Randerson-Lundell Building

701 E 6th St


Reuter House

806 Rosedale Terrace


R. K. Smoot Home

1316 W. 6th


Robert S. Stanley House

1811 Newton


Robinson-Macken House

702 Rio Grande St.


Rocky Cliff

802 Barton Blvd


St. Charles House

316 E 6th


Saint David's Episcopal Church

7th at San Jacinto


St. David's Rectory

1603 Pearl Street


Saint Edward's University Main Building

3001 S. Congress


Saint Mary's Cathedral

201 E. 10th


Sampson Building

618-622 Congress Ave


Scarbrough Building

101 E. 6th Street


Scholz Garten

1607 San Jacinto


Scottish Rite Temple

207 W. 18th


Seaholm Power Plant

800 W Cesar Chavez St


Seiders Oaks

Shoal Creek Trail, west of Seton Hospital, near W. 38th Street and Shoal Creek Blvd. -- Seider Springs Park, west side of low water crossing


The Shipe House

3816 Avenue G


Smith-Clark-Smith House

504 W. 14th St.


Southgate-Lewis House

1501 E. 12th


Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Bldg.

410 Congress


Splitrock (Burns-Klein House)

2815 Wooldridge Drive


Stanley and Emily Finch House

3312 Duval St.


Stephen F. Austin Hotel

701 N. Congress


Swedish Log Cabin

Zilker Botanical Gardens, Zilker Park


Sweetbrush (Swisher-Scott Home)

2408 Sweetbrush Dr


Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters

2313 San Gabriel St.


Texas State Capitol

1100 Congress Avenue

Texas State Capitol grounds. 1964 Recorded Texas Historic Landmark as Texas State Capitol, 1976 Official Texas Historical Marker as The Texas Capitol.


Thompson Home

1171 San Bernard

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority


TMI Castle

1111 W. 11th


Walnut Creek Baptist Church

12200 N. Lamar


Walter and Mae Simms House

906 Mariposa


Walter Bremond Home

711 San Antonio (409 W. 8th Street) (Texas Classroom Teachers Association executive offices)


Walter Tips Company Building

710-712 S. Congress Ave.


Walter Tips House

2336 S. Congress Ave.


Wells-LaRue House

4524 Ave F


West-Bremond Cottage

607 Nueces


Westgate Tower

1122 Colorado Street


West Hill

1703 West Ave.


William Green Hill House

910 Blanco St.


Williams-Weigl House

4107 Avenue H


William T. and Valerie Mansbendel Williams House

3820 Avenue F

in front of home at 3820 Avenue F



6 Niles Road


Zeta Tau Alpha House

2711 Nueces




Haynie Chapel Methodist Church

16415 Greenwood Drive




Kuempel Home

16900 Cameron Road


William Pfluger Home

1512 E Pflugerville Pkwy

N of E. Pflugerville Pkwy, between Mammoth Cave Blvd. and Dessau Rd.

National Register of Historic Places

in Travis County





1918 State Office Building and 1933 State Highway Building

1019 Brazos and 125 E. 11th Sts.

30°16′20″N 97°44′25″W


All Saints Chapel

209 W 27th St.

30°17′30″N 97°44′23″W


Administration Building

1820 E. Eighth St.

30°16′10″N 97°43′46″W

Arnold Bakery

1010 E. Eleventh St.

30°16′09″N 97°43′46″W


Austin Central Fire Station #1

401 E. Fifth St.

30°15′57″N 97°44′22″W


Austin Daily Tribune Building

920 Colorado

30°16′19″N 97°44′35″W


Austin Fire Drill Tower

201 W. Cesar Chavez St.

30°15′49″N 97°44′45″W


Austin Public Library

810 Guadalupe St

30°16′18″N 97°44′45″W


Austin US Courthouse

200 West Eighth St.

30°16′14″N 97°44′38″W


Aynesworth-Wright House

10621 Pioneer Farms Dr in Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms

30°22′06″N 97°39′32″W

Greek Revival house built about 1852. Moved from original location.


Bailetti House

1006 Waller St.

30°16′09″N 97°43′46″W


Charles W. Barnes House

1105 E. 12th St.

30°16′20″N 97°43′42″W


William Braxton Barr House

NE of Austin at 10463 Sprinkle Rd.

30°21′06″N 97°38′50″W


Barton Springs Archeological and Historical District

Address Restricted

30°18′27″N 97°43′49″W


Battle Hall

South Mall, University of Texas campus

30°17′07″N 97°44′25″W


Judge Robert Lynn Batts House

1505 Windsor Rd.

30°16′49″N 97°45′11″W


Bertram Building

1601 Guadalupe Street

30°16′44″N 97°44′33″W


Bluebonnet Tourist Camp

4407 Guadalupe St.

30°18′37″N 97°43′59″W


Boardman-Webb-Bugg House

602 W. 9th St.

30°16′22″N 97°44′52″W


Bremond Block Historic District

Roughly bounded by Guadalupe, San Antonio, 7th and 8th Sts.

30°16′14″N 97°44′47″W


Genaro P. and Carolina Briones House

1204 E. 7th St.

30°15′56″N 97°43′47″W


Brizendine House

507 W. 11th St.

30°16′27″N 97°44′47″W


Brown Building

708 Colorado St.

30°16′12″N 97°44′46″W


Cambridge Tower

1801 Lavaca Street

30°16′51″N 97°44′26″W


Camp Mabry Historic District

2210 W. 35th St.

30°18′56″N 97°45′38″W


Carrington-Covert House

1511 Colorado St.

30°16′40″N 97°44′24″W


George Washington Carver Library

1165 Angelina St.

30°16′18″N 97°43′28″W


Daniel H. and William T. Caswell Houses

1404 and 1502 West Ave.

30°16′45″N 97°44′51″W


Central Christian Church

1110 Guadalupe St.

30°16′29″N 97°44′40″W


Chapman House

901 E 12th St.

30°16′19″N 97°43′50″W


City Cemetery

16th and Navasota

30°16′36″N 97°43′34″W


Clarksville Historic District

Bounded by W. Lynn, Waterson, W. 10th and MO-PAC Expwy.

30°16′51″N 97°45′44″W


Commercial Building at 4113 Guadalupe Street

4113 Guadalupe St.

30°18′24″N 97°44′07″W


Community Center

1192 Angelina St.

30°16′19″N 97°43′31″W


Congress Avenue Historic District

Congress Ave. from Cesar Chavez to 11th St.

30°16′04″N 97°44′33″W


Connelly-Yerwood House

1115 E 12th St.

30°16′19″N 97°43′41″W


Frank M. and Annie G. Covert House

3912 Ave. G

30°18′07″N 97°43′48″W


Covert Park at Mount Bonnell

3800 Mount Bonnell Rd.

30°19′16″N 97°46′25″W


Andrew M. Cox Ranch Site

Barton Creek near Loop 360 and MoPac

30°14′35″N 97°48′21″W


Cox-Craddock House

720 E. 32nd St.

30°17′32″N 97°43′46″W


Thomas Cranfill House

1901 Cliff St.

30°17′05″N 97°45′05″W


Cranfill Apartments

1909 Cliff St., Building B

30°17′07″N 97°45′05″W


Deep Eddy Bathing Beach

301 Quarry St.

30°16′36″N 97°46′22″W


Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Headquarters Building

416 West 12th Street

30°16′31″N 97°44′41″W


Delwood Duplex Historic District

Roughly bounded between Maplewood Ave. and Kirkwood, Ashwood, and Wrightwood Rds.

30°17′40″N 97°42′52″W

Historic Residential Suburbs in the United States, 1830-1960 MPS


J. Frank Dobie House

702 E. 26th St.

30°17′21″N 97°43′56″W


Driskill Hotel

117 E. 7th St.

30°16′05″N 97°44′29″W


Evans Industrial Building

Huston-Tillotson College Campus, 1820 E 8th

30°15′48″N 97°42′41″W


Federal Office Building

300 E. 8th Ave.

30°16′10″N 97°44′20″W


Fiesta Gardens

2101 Jesse E. Segovia St.

30°14′56″N 97°43′33″W


Fischer House

1008 West Ave.

30°16′28″N 97°44′56″W


Seymour and Barbara Fogel House

2411 Kinney Rd.

30°14′39″N 97°46′27″W


French Legation

802 San Marcos St.

30°16′01″N 97°43′56″W


German American Ladies College

1604 E. 11th St.

30°16′03″N 97°43′26″W


Gethsemane Lutheran Church

1510 Congress Ave.

30°16′40″N 97°44′22″W


Gethsemane Lutheran Church

200 W. Anderson Ln.

30°20′44″N 97°42′20″W


Gilfillan House

603 W. 8th St.

30°16′17″N 97°44′53″W


Goodman Building

202 W. 13th St.

30°16′28″N 97°44′33″W


Governor's Mansion

1010 Colorado St.

30°16′22″N 97°44′34″W


Granger House and The Perch

805 W. 16th St.

30°16′48″N 97°44′52″W


Green Pastures

811 W. Live Oak St.

30°14′42″N 97°45′45″W


Haehnel Building

1101 E. 11th St.

30°16′08″N 97°43′45″W


Hancock Golf Course

811 E. 41st Street

30°17′56″N 97°43′29″W


John Hancock House

1306 Colorado St.

30°16′33″N 97°44′31″W


Haynes-DeLashwah House

1209 Rosewood Ave.

30°16′06″N 97°43′35″W


Hildreth-Flanagan-Heierman House

3909 Ave. G

30°18′04″N 97°43′47″W


Henry Hirshfeld House and Cottage

303 and 305 W. 9th St.

30°16′17″N 97°44′40″W


Hofheintz-Reissig Store

600 E. 3rd St.

30°15′49″N 97°44′15″W


Goldie Horton-Porter House

2402 Windsor Rd.

30°17′22″N 97°45′22″W


House at 1170 San Bernard Street

1170 San Bernard St.

30°16′12″N 97°43′33″W


House at 1400 Canterbury Street

1400 Canterbury St.

30°15′27″N 97°43′50″W


Hyde Park Historic District

Roughly bounded by Ave. A, 45th St., Duval St., and 40th St.

30°18′27″N 97°43′49″W


Hyde Park Presbyterian Church

3915 Ave. B

30°18′14″N 97°44′04″W


Robert Irvin House

1008 E. 9th St.

30°16′04″N 97°43′50″W


A. J. Jernigan House

602 Harthan

30°16′25″N 97°45′28″W


Phillip W. Jobe House

1113 E. 9th St.

30°16′00″N 97°43′43″W


C.E. Johnson House

1022 E. 7th St.

30°15′57″N 97°43′50″W


Kappa Kappa Gamma House

2001 University Ave.

30°16′58″N 97°44′22″W


Keith House

2400 Harris Blvd.

30°17′27″N 97°45′24″W


Laguna Gloria

3809 W. 35th St.

30°18′40″N 97°46′25″W


Lamar Boulevard Bridge

Lamar Blvd. over the Colorado R.

30°15′55″N 97°45′22″W


Charles P. Ledbetter House

3904 Ave. C

30°18′11″N 97°44′03″W


Levi Rock Shelter

Near Hwy 71 and the Pedernales River on Lick Creek

30°22′53″N 98°05′17″W


Limerick-Frazier House

810 E. 13th St.

30°16′24″N 97°43′50″W


Lions Municipal Golf Course

2901 Enfield Rd.

30°17′23″N 97°46′43″W


Little Campus

Bounded by 18th, Oldham, 19th, and Red River Sts.

30°16′42″N 97°43′53″W


Littlefield House

24th St. and Whitis Ave.

30°17′17″N 97°44′27″W


Long Hog Hollow Archeological District

Address Restricted


Lung House

1605 Canterbury St.

30°15′23″N 97°43′45″W


John W. Maddox House

1115 E. 3rd St.

30°15′40″N 97°43′54″W


Peter and Clotilde Shipe Mansbendel House

3824 Ave. F

30°18′04″N 97°43′55″W


Mather-Kirkland House

402 Academy

30°15′07″N 97°44′38″W


Mayfield-Gutsch Estate

3505 W. 35th St.

30°18′46″N 97°46′14″W


Arthur N. and Jane Y. McCallum House

613 W. 32nd St.

30°17′56″N 97°44′28″W


Robert H. and Edith Ethel McCauley House

4415 Ave. A

30°18′37″N 97°43′55″W


Floyd McGown House

1202 Garden St.

30°15′27″N 97°43′58″W


McKinney Homestead

SW of Austin between TX 71 and U.S. 183

30°11′23″N 97°43′15″W


Fannie Moss Miller House

900 Rio Grande St.,

30°16′23″N 97°44′55″W


Millett Opera House

110 E. 9th St.

30°16′15″N 97°44′27″W


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Land Co. House

3908 Ave. C

30°18′12″N 97°44′02″W


Montopolis Bridge

US 183, 8.1 mi (13.0 km). S of jct. with I-35

30°14′43″N 97°41′29″W


Moonlight Towers

Austin and vicinity

30°16′17″N 97°44′41″W


Moore's Crossing Historic District

Roughly bounded by FM 973, old Burleson Rd. and Onion Cr.

30°10′03″N 97°39′43″W


Moore-Hancock Farmstead

4811 Sinclair Ave.

30°19′15″N 97°44′30″W


Charles B. Moreland House

1301 E. Cesar Chavez

30°15′34″N 97°43′54″W


Chester and Lorine Nagel House

3215 Churchill Dr.

30°18′15″N 97°45′03″W


Neill-Cochran House

2310 San Gabriel St.

30°17′15″N 97°44′53″W


Newton House

1013 E. Ninth St.

30°16′02″N 97°43′48″W


Elisabet Ney Studio and Museum

304 E. 44th St.

30°18′23″N 97°43′34″W


Norwood Building

114 W 7th St.

30°16′10″N 97°44′35″W


Oakwood Cemetery Annex

1601 Comal St.

30°16′36″N 97°43′25″W


Old Bakery

1006 Congress Ave.

30°16′20″N 97°44′30″W


Old Land Office Building

108 E. 11th St.

30°16′21″N 97°44′22″W


Old West Austin Historic District

Roughly bounded by W. 13th, Lamar Boulevard, W. 35th, and the Mo-Pac Expressway

30°17′32″N 97°45′18″W


Oliphant-Walker House

3900 Ave. C

30°18′10″N 97°44′04″W


Onion Creek Crossing at McKinney Falls

McKinney Falls State Park, 5808 McKinney Falls Pkwy

30°10′51″N 97°43′19″W


Page-Gilbert House

3913 Ave. G

30°18′06″N 97°43′47″W


Michael Paggi House

200 Lee Barton Dr.

30°15′49″N 97°45′24″W


Paramount Theatre

713 Congress Ave.

30°16′10″N 97°44′31″W


James F. and Susie R. Parker House

3906 Ave. D

30°18′10″N 97°43′59″W


Perry Estate-St. Mary's Academy

701 E. 41st St.

30°18′04″N 97°43′25″W


Edgar H. Perry, Jr. House

801 Park Boulevard

30°18′07″N 97°43′23″W


George A. Peterson House

1012 E. 8th St.

30°16′00″N 97°43′50″W


Joseph O. Polhemus House

912 E. 2nd St.

30°15′41″N 97°44′03″W


William Sidney Porter House

409 E. 5th S.

30°15′56″N 97°44′20″W


Rainey Street Historic District

70-97 Rainey St.

30°15′33″N 97°44′18″W


F. T. and Belle Ramsey House

4412 Ave. B

30°18′34″N 97°43′53″W


Rather House

3105 Duval St.

30°17′34″N 97°43′56″W


Raymond-Morley House

510 Baylor St.

30°16′18″N 97°45′19″W



Louis and Mathilde Reuter House

806 Rosedale Terrace

30°14′28″N 97°44′41″W


Alice H. Robbins House

4311 Ave. A

30°18′32″N 97°43′58″W


Roberts Clinic

1174 San Bernard St.

30°16′15″N 97°43′35″W


Robinson-Macken House

702 Rio Grande St.

30°16′17″N 97°44′57″W


Edward H. Rogers Homestead

N of Austin off TX 1325

30°23′53″N 97°43′44″W


Rogers-Bell House

1001 E. Eighth St.

30°16′00″N 97°43′53″W


Roy-Hardin House

1803 Evergreen Ave.

30°14′58″N 97°45′53″W


Royal Arch Masonic Lodge

311 W. 7th St.

30°16′11″N 97°44′43″W


George W. Sampson House

1003 Rio Grande

30°16′25″N 97°44′52″W


Santa Rita Courts

Roughly bounded by E. 2nd, Pedernales, Santa Rita, and Corta Sts.

30°15′22″N 97°43′01″W


Kurt and Meta Schemedes House

804 Baylor St.

30°16′26″N 97°45′15″W


J. P. Schneider Store

401 W. 2nd St.

30°15′55″N 97°44′52″W


Scholz Garten

1607 San Jacinto

30°16′40″N 97°44′11″W


Walter Schulze House and Industrial Structure

102 Chicon St.

30°15′59″N 97°43′27″W


Zachary T., Sr., and Sallie Lee Scott House

2408 Sweetbrush Dr.

30°18′02″N 97°46′38″W


Scottish Rite Dormitory

210 W. 27th St.

30°17′32″N 97°44′21″W


Seaholm Power Plant

800 W. Cesar Chavez St.

30°15′59″N 97°45′10″W


Rev. Henry M. and Jennie Sears House

209 W. 39th St.

30°18′09″N 97°44′04″W


Shadow Lawn Historic District

Roughly bounded by Ave. G, 38th St., Duval St., and 39th St.

30°17′59″N 97°43′48″W


Sheeks-Robertson House

610 W. Lynn St.

30°16′34″N 97°45′43″W


Col. Monroe M. Shipe House

3816 Ave. G

30°18′03″N 97°43′52″W


Shotgun at 1206 Canterbury Street

1206 Canterbury St.

30°15′29″N 97°43′18″W


Shotguns at 1203-1205 Bob Harrison

1203-1205 Bob Harrison

30°16′25″N 97°43′37″W


Simms House

906 Mariposa Dr.

30°14′28″N 97°44′37″W


Simpson Memorial Methodist Church

1701 E. 12th St.

30°16′23″N 97°43′18″W


Sixth Street Historic District

Roughly bounded by 5th, 7th, Lavaca Sts. and I-35

30°16′02″N 97°44′23″W


Smith Rock Shelter

In McKinney Falls State Park

30°11′03″N 97°43′26″W


Smith-Marcuse-Lowry House

3913 Ave. C

30°18′12″N 97°44′00″W


Smith-Clark and Smith-Bickler Houses

502 and 504 W. 14th St.

30°16′39″N 97°44′41″W


Richmond Kelley Smoot House

1316 W. 6th St.

30°16′28″N 97°45′35″W


Southgate-Lewis House

1501 E. 12th St.

30°16′23″N 97°43′25″W


Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Building

410 Congress Ave.

30°16′00″N 97°44′37″W


St. David's Episcopal Church

304 E. 7th St.

30°16′06″N 97°44′21″W


St. Edward's University Main Building and Holy Cross Dormitory

3001 S. Congress St.

30°13′46″N 97°45′17″W


St. Mary's Cathedral

201-207 10th St.

30°16′15″N 97°44′23″W


State Cemetery of Texas

901 Navasota St.

30°15′54″N 97°43′34″W


State Lunatic Asylum

4110 Guadalupe

30°18′27″N 97°44′12″W


Stavely-Kunz-Johnson House

1402 E. Cesar Chavez

30°15′30″N 97°43′47″W


Swedish Hill Historic District

900-1000 blocks of E. Fourteenth St. and 900 block of E. Fifteenth St.

30°16′28″N 97°43′45″W


Teachers State Association of Texas Building

1191 Navasota

30°16′18″N 97°43′39″W


Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters

2312 San Gabriel St.

30°17′16″N 97°44′53″W


Texas State Capitol

Congress and 11th Sts.

30°16′28″N 97°44′22″W


Tucker Apartment House

1105 Nueces St.

30°16′29″N 97°44′47″W


U.S. Post Office and Federal Building

126 W. 6th St.

30°16′07″N 97°44′36″W


University Baptist Church

2130 Guadalupe St.

30°17′05″N 97°44′31″W


University Junior High School

1925 San Jacinto Blvd.

30°16′51″N 97°43′58″W


Victory Grill

1104 E. 11th St.

30°16′09″N 97°43′43″W


Wahrenberger House

208 W. 14th St.

30°16′36″N 97°44′30″W


Walnut Creek Archeological District

Address Restricted


James M. and Leana B. Walsh House

3701 Bonnie Rd.

30°17′46″N 97°46′56″W


Wesley United Methodist Church

1164 San Bernard St.

30°16′11″N 97°43′34″W


West Fifth Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

West Fifth Street at Shoal Creek

30°16′11″N 97°45′08″W


West Line Historic District

Roughly bounded by Baylor St., W. Fifth and Sixth Sts., MoPac Expressway

30°16′43″N 97°45′35″W


West Sixth Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

West Sixth Street at Shoal Creek

30°16′14″N 97°45′04″W


Westgate Tower

1122 Colorado St.

30°16′27″N 97°44′34″W



1703 West Ave.

30°16′52″N 97°44′45″W


W.T. and Clotilde V. Williams House

3820 Ave. F

30°18′03″N 97°43′56″W


Willow-Spence Streets Historic District

"Portions of Willow, Spence, Canterbury, San Marcos, and Waller Sts.

30°15′32″N 97°44′03″W


Wilshire Historic District

Bounded by the Southern Pacific Railroad, Ardenwood Rd., Wilshire Boulevard, and the Delwood III subdivision

30°17′51″N 97°42′50″W



6 Niles Rd.

30°17′13″N 97°45′29″W


Wooldridge Park

Guadalupe St.

30°16′20″N 97°44′43″W


Goodall Wooten House

700 W. 19th St.

30°16′58″N 97°44′44″W


Worrell-Ettlinger House

3110 Harris Park Ave.

30°17′38″N 97°43′52″W


Wroe-Bustin House

506 Baylor St.

30°16′28″N 97°45′21″W


Youth Council Site (41TV382)

Address Restricted


Zilker Park Historic District

2100 Barton Springs Rd.

30°15′49″N 97°46′36″W


Ziller House

1110 Blanco

30°16′40″N 97°45′16″W




East Main Street Historic District

111, 113, 115, and 117 E. Main St.

30°26′25″N 97°37′11″W

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