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Lord of the


Christopher Dow

554 pages


It’s World War I, and the fate of Africa lies in the hands of a madman—an eccentric Royal Navy commander who sank his two previous commands in the most ridiculous ways possible.


Geoffrey Spicer-Simson is ordered to destroy two ships that give the Germans military control over the continent, but that may be easier said than done. The ships are on Lake Tanganyika, and to get there, Spicer-Simson and his men will have to drag two 40' gunboats over desert torn with ravines, through tsetse-infested swamps, and across a 6,000-foot range of mountains. Undaunted, Spicer-Simson forges ahead, but can his men accept the leadership of  a pretentious braggart who names his gunboats Mimi and Toutou, is completely covered with tattoos, and wears a leather skirt instead of a uniform?


And if the journey to the lake isn’t bizarre enough, imagine what happens when they get there and meet the Germans in mortal combat on the high seas in the middle of Africa!


A non-fiction novel, Lord of the Loincloth is the humorously adventurous account of one of the 20th century’s strangest heroes and his extraordinary quest for redemption.




Book of Curiosities

Christopher Dow


216 pages


Despite the best efforts of theologians, philosophers, and scientists to delineate consensus reality, the universe is as mysterious today as it ever was. Humankind might think it knows what is going on, but tantalizing glimpses of nonordinary reality occasionally pierce the veil of our perceptions, illustrating the limits of human knowledge and understanding and hinting at an underlying order, if not purpose, to the apparent randomness of creation.


In Book of Curiosities, Christopher Dow recounts his personal encounters with a wide range of  paranormal occurrences and unusual beings, including ghosts, shadow people, vampires, reincarnation, channeling, oddities, superstitions that proved true, and more. These experiences have challenged him to think more inclusively about the nature of reality—perhaps they will challenge you, as well.

My Passionate Life.jpg

My Passionate Life

A Memoir

Jan Henson Dow

232 pages


Jan Henson Dow’s life began in a small hotel, and after that, it went… well, you’ll have to read the book to find that out. But it went a great many places, sometimes even South. This is a one-woman show with a diverse cast of supporting characters, and the author tells her story in a forthright yet freewheeling style that matches her life. In it, she opens herself to her travails and successes with candor and an acceptance that lends her words poignancy and a spiritual dimension.

"I heard Jan once characterize herself as someone who seems very open, but in reality one who guards her deepest thoughts and feelings. You might assume she has something to hide. You would be wrong. There is perfect continuity between her polished surface and her depth. She has bravely explored life, lived large, and has come to a very peaceful and philosophical state of being."

—Jim Taylor

Occasional Pilgrimage.jpg

The twenty-four essays in this book cover a variety of topics, from films like Blade Runner and the Private Snafu propaganda film series of World War II to examples of classic literature from England and the United States to a smorgasbord that includes and an epic hitchhiking adventure, a 1968 Doors concert, and a humorous drug smuggling incident on the Rio Grande. What connects these diverse topics is the author’s treatment of the shared humanity and inhumanities inherent in Western culture. By turns serious and humorous, Dow leads the reader through an examination of issues both subtle and obvious to bring home his point that humanity is a condition best shared.


From “Busted!”


About one o’clock, I was shocked from a deep sleep by a huge crash followed by the hurried trample of heavy feet. Lights were flashing confusedly in the darkness, nightmarishly silhouetting a handful of menacing forms moving quickly through the room from the busted-open back door. It was like some wild nightmare, but I was pretty sure I was awake, so I reached for my glasses. Just as I got a grip on them, a gun butt slammed into my arm, pinning it to the crate that served as a nightstand.

Living the Story Iedium).jpg
Living the Story II.jpg

Living the Story


The Meandering, True, and Sometimes Strange Adventures of an Unknown Writer


Part I: Growing Up Takes Time

396 pages


Part II: Growing Old Takes Longer

426 pages



Living the Story is the ultimately inspiring tale of a vaguely successful writer’s pursuit of an almost impossible dream during the profound changes and cultural upheavals of the last half of the 20th century. Funny, unusual, and occasionally heartbreaking, it is a unique document of its times.

The Art of


Writing the
Award-winning Play

Jan Henson Dow

Shannon Michal Dow

190 pages


Let two national award-winning playwrights direct you through the playwriting process with this fun yet vital guide that details the essentials judges, producers, and other theatre professionals are looking for in a play. As winners and judges in numerous playwriting contests, this team knows what sets award-winning plays apart from those that end up in the rejection pile. Perfect for beginning playwrights and intermediate playwrights who wish to improve their work, this witty, easy to follow book is filled with practical information designed to give your play an edge. Coming from the authors’ personal experiences as playwrights and play contest judges, and through their playwriting workshops, Writing the Award-Winning Play is filled with practical advice on writing and developing your play; what to do with your play once it's written; utilizing readings, playwriting groups, and workshops; entering contests; getting produced; writing the synopsis and query letter; promoting your work; legal matters; and more.

Essay Writing Made Easy

For Everyone Who Hates to Write Essays


Shannon Michal Dow

56 pages


The essay guide for anyone who hates to write essays. This step-by-step process, written by an educator with master’s degrees in education and literacy, is designed to help you create a thesis, develop a grabbing introduction, develop logical, organized, and meaningful body paragraphs that prove your thesis, and end with a conclusion that has purpose. Excellent for high school and college students who need that extra bit of help to impress their teachers.


Shannon Michal Dow has master’s degrees in education and remedial reading and remedial language arts and has taught English and literacy for three decades at the secondary level and as a college tutor to both undergraduate and graduate students. She earned an ETS Recognition of Excellence for her performance in English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge PRAXIS II. She also is a playwright and her plays and co-authored plays have been produced around the country and have received 19 awards and honors. Her plays have been published by Samuel French and Popular Play Service in addition to Phosphene Publishing Company.

The Coming Empire

Or, 2000 Miles in Texas

on Horseback

Nathaniel A. Taylor

287 pages

The Coming Empire, or 2000 Miles in Texas on Horseback, by Nathaniel A. Taylor, is a remarkable document of post-Civil War Texas, from its spacious and diverse terrain to its equally diverse peoples. This text was transcribed by hand and carefully edited to eliminate errors.

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