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Lavaca County Historic Landmarks and Places

Historic Texas Landmarks

in Fayette County




Estate of John Hallett

600 N. La Grange St.

29°27′2″N 96°56′36″W

corner of West La Grange and Crockett


Old Hanging Tree

Park Road 3 in city park next to Hallettsville Golf Course

29°27′13″N 96°56′38″W

in city park, in front of Golf Club, west side of US 77 north city limits


The Lay-Bozka House

205 Fairwinds St.

29°26′31″N 96°56′50″W

205 Fair Winds or 90A, south side of intersection with Hackberry Street




Old Moulton Baptist Church

2287 FM 1680

29°35′13″N 97°10′33″W

from Moulton, take FM 1680 northwest about 2 miles to Old Moulton


Orrin L. Winters Cabin

Veterans Dr. in city park

29°34′10″N 97°9′1″W

in City Park, Lancaster Street, Moulton


Sam and Will Moore Institute

400 Bobkat Dr.

29°34′44″N 97°8′54″W

Moulton High School, west Bobcat Drive, Moulton




Herder Half Moon Place

1.6 mi. SW on FM 533 from US 90A

29°25′45″N 97°12′39″W

from Shiner, take US 90A west 1.2 mile take FM 531 southwest 1.6 miles


Masonic Lodge Building

511 N. Ave. D

29°25′48″N 97°10′12″W

511 North Avenue D, Shiner


Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church

306 S. Ave. F

29°25′23″N 97°9′56″W

424 St. Ludmilla, Shiner


Shiner Opera House

207 E. Seventh St.

29°25′52″N 97°10′17″W

7th Street and Avenue D, Shiner


William Green House

817 N. Ave. E

29°25′53″N 97°10′24″W

Highway 90A, Shiner (across from City Hall)




Orth-Fitch House

507 Coke St.

29°17′8″N 97°8′24″W

507 Coke Street, Yoakum


Park Place School Building

505 Elenora St.

29°17′36″N 97°8′18″W

505 Elenora (burned in April 2014)

National Register of Historic Places

in Lavaca County





Kahn and Stanzel Building

115 N. Main St

29°26′43″N 96°56′37″W


Lavaca County Courthouse

Bounded by LaGrange, 2nd, 3rd, and Main Sts.

29°26′41″N 96°56′33″W

State Antiquities Landmark


Lay-Bozka House

205 Fairwinds

29°26′31″N 96°56′50″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark




Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church

FM 957

29°35′03″N 96°59′08″W

Church with decorative interior painting




Church of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary

FM 2672

29°26′52″N 96°59′49″W

Church with decorative interior painting




Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church

100 St. Ludmilla St.

29°25′23″N 97°09′56″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; Churches with decorative interior painting




Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace

FM 340

29°20′32″N 97°04′08″W

Church with decorative interior painting




Baker House

211 Pecan St.

29°17′19″N 97°08′25″W


Yoakum Commercial Historic District

Roughly bounded by Nelson St., South St., Culpepper St., and Forrest St.

29°17′15″N 97°09′05″W

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