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Fayette County Historic Landmarks and Places

Registered Texas Historic Landmarks

in Fayette County






Brethren Church

1022 Kramr Rd. at Prairie Road

29°53′0″N 96°40′16″W

From Fayetteville, take Ross Prairie Road south about 1.4 mile to Junction of Ross Prairie & Kramer Rds.


Compton-Zapp House

111 W. Market St. at Washington Street

29°54′19″N 96°40′39″W


Fayette County Precinct No. 2 Courthouse

112 N. Washington St.

29°54′16″N 96°40′33″W

Town square


S.P.J.S.T. Lodge No. 1

507 E. Main St.

29°54′30″N 96°40′18″W


Spacek House

103 N. Washington St.

29°54′13″N 96°40′34″W

Town Square, one house north of corner of Main & Washington St., Fayetteville


The Sladek-Hillman House

209 N. Rusk St. ( SH 159 and FM 955)

29°54′14″N 96°40′42″W


Zapp Building

201 W. Fayette St. at Washington

29°54′15″N 96°40′37″W




Flatonia City Hospital and Opera House

109 W. South Main St.

29°41′11″N 97°6′32″W

Marker reported missing June 2016


Flatonia Methodist Church

403 E. North Main St. at N. Middle St.

29°41′17″N 97°6′15″W


Freyburg Methodist Church

4520 FM 2238

29°44′10″N 96°59′58″W

From Flatonia, take I-10 about 6 miles E., then go N. about 2 miles cn FM 2238, in Freyburg


Olle Hotel

218 S. Market St.

29°41′9″N 97°6′26″W


Wheeler Building

101 W. South Main St.

29°41′11″N 97°6′31″W




Beer Office and Bottling Company

114 S. Main St.

29°54′15″N 96°52′44″W


Bradshaw-Killough House

345 E. Travis St.

29°54′27″N 96°52′27″W


Casino Hall

254 N. Jefferson St.

29°54′28″N 96°52′37″W


City Library Building

159 E. Fannin St.

29°54′32″N 96°52′40″W


Earthman Farm

10 mi. N near FM 2145

N/A - missing


Fayette County Courthouse

151 N. Washington St.

29°54′19″N 96°52′43″W

west lawn of courthouse square


Hermes House

541 N. Main St.

29°54′31″N 96°52′55″W


John Vogt Homestead

5 mi. E on FM 609

from La Grange, take FM 609 west about 5 mile.


Kallus House

451 N. Franklin St.

29°54′34″N 96°52′42″W


Kaulbach Home

351 E. Colorado St.

29°54′30″N 96°52′28″W


Lenert House

350 N. Madison St.

29°54′34″N 96°52′34″W


Meerscheidt House

458 N. Monroe St.

29°54′39″N 96°52′32″W


St. James Episcopal Church

156 N. Monroe St. at Colorado St.

29°54′29″N 96°52′25″W


The Faison House

822 S. Jefferson St.

29°53′57″N 96°52′22″W


The Old Masonic Building

138 W. Travis St.

29°54′20″N 96°52′39″




Bethlehem Lutheran Church

412 S. White St.

30°3′46″N 96°41′58″W


Hamilton Ledbetter House

229 Hackemack Rd.

30°2′53″N 96°40′21″W

From Round Top, travel southeast on E. Mills St. (which becomes Kneip Rd.) 1.9 mi. then north 0.1 mi. on Hackemack Rd. House is on E. side of road.


Konrad Joh Log Cabin

2260 Hartfield Rd.

30°3′2″N 96°43′15″W

From Round Top, take Hwy. 237 South 1 mile then go West on Hartfield Road 1 mile - house is on west side of street.


Ludwig and Caroline Giese House

1103 S. Nassau Rd.

30°1′8″N 96°38′48″W


Rocky Creek Farm

1475 Kneip Rd.

30°3′20″N 96°40′49″W

from Round Top, take County Road 102 SE about 1.6 miles (on E. side of rd.)


Schueddemagen Home

SE corner S. Washington St. at E. Wantke St. (Hwy. 237)

30°3′50″N 96°41′50″W


The Menn House

FM 1457 at north edge of town

30°4′41″N 96°41′4″W


Winedale Stagecoach Inn

3738 FM 2714

30°5′15″N 96°38′28″W

from Round Top, take FM 1457 W about 2.5 miles then go NW on FM 2714 1/2 miles.




Gus Cranz Mansion

701 West Ave.

29°40′50″N 96°54′41″W


Lyons Lodge No.195, A. F.& A. M.

114 College St.

29°41′4″N 96°54′0″W


Mulberry Creek Bridge

Near West Ave. and Kallus St., Wolters Park

29°40′27″N 96°54′39″W

From Schulenburg, go South on FM 957 about 2 miles, then go west on Rd. 1 mile.


Schulenburg Baptist Church

110 N. Upton Ave. at corner of Nelba Ave.

29°41′21″N 96°54′19″W




Townsend-Bremer House

1 mi. S on FM 237

30°0′8″N 96°44′45″W

From Warrenton, take FM 237 South about 1 mile.

The National Register of Historic Places

in Fayette County






St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

FM 1383

29°47′14″N 96°51′32″W




Dubina Historic District

Roughly bounded by FM 1383 and Cty Rd. 480

29°43′44″N 96°50′08″W


Simon Pytlovany House

1.5 mi (2.4 km). S of Dubina on FR 1383

29°42′45″N 96°50′20″W




Fayetteville Historic District

Roughly bounded by E. Bell, N. Thompson (FM 1291), E. Fayette, E. Main (SH 159), Post Oak Lane,

29°54′26″N 96°40′26″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks


Zapp Building

Fayette and Washington Sts.

29°54′15″N 96°40′37″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; part of Fayetteville Historic District; brick two-story Romanesque Revival mercantile building and emporium constructed in 1900.




Flatonia Historic District

Roughly bounded by N. Main, 7th, Middle, Market, 6th, Penn, S. Main & Faires Sts.

29°41′15″N 97°06′31″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks


Buckner's Creek Bridge

10 mi. N of Flatonia over Buckner's Creek

State Antiquities Landmark; demolished in 1988




Nativity of Mary, Blessed Virgin Catholic Church

FM 2672

29°43′03″N 96°55′40″W




Nathaniel W. Faison House

822 S. Jefferson

29°53′57″N 96°52′22″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Fayette County Courthouse and Jail

Courthouse Sq. and 104 Main St.

29°54′19″N 96°52′43″W

State Antiquities Landmark, includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; part of Fayette County Courthouse Square Historic District


Fayette County Courthouse Square Historic District

Roughly bounded by Main, Lafayette, Franklin, Colorado, Jefferson, Washington, and Crockett Sts.

29°54′17″N 96°52′39″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks


Mier Expedition and Dawson's Men Monument and Tomb

414 TX Loop 92, Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites.

29°53′20″N 96°52′37″W

State Historic Site, State Antiquities Landmark


Henry L. Kreische Brewery and House

S of La Grange off U.S. 77 on Monument Hill

29°53′23″N 96°52′29″W

State Historic Site, State Antiquities Landmark


St. James Episcopal Church

Monroe and Colorado Sts.

29°54′29″N 96°52′25″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


State Highway 71 Bridge at the Colorado River

TX 71, .8 mi E of jct. with FM 609

29°54′05″N 96°53′12″W




St. Mary's Church of the Assumption

FM 1295

29°40′11″N 97°04′00″W




Bethlehem Lutheran Church

White St.

30°03′46″N 96°41′58″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Cummins Creek Bridge

2 mi (3.2 km). NW of Round Top over Cummins Creek

30°04′07″N 96°43′09″W

State Antiquities Landmark; replaced in 1996




Bedstead Truss Bridge

0.1 mi. NW. of jct. of Hillje & Kallus Sts.

29°40′27″N 96°54′39″W

State Antiquities Landmark, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; formerly the Mulberry Creek Bridge, originally listed on the National Register in 1975, removed in May 2013 due to relocation.


East Navidad River Bridge

FM 1579 at East Navidad River

29°40′59″N 96°50′47″W


Sengelmann Hall and City Meat Market Building

527 and 529-533 N. Main St.

29°40′47″N 96°54′19″W


Schulenburg Cotton Compress

James and Main Sts.

29°40′43″N 96°54′45″W


Mulberry Creek Bridge

Wolters Park

29°40′27″N 96°54′39″W

State Antiquities Landmark, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; Pratt pony truss bridge originally located SW of Schulenburg on Old Praha Rd. Relocated in 2001 and relisted as Bedstead Truss Bridge.




William Neese, Sr., Homestead

On TX 237

30°01′06″N 96°43′54″W



Winedale Inn Complex

Off FM 1457

30°05′11″N 96°38′29″W

State Antiquities Landmark, includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; now a division of The Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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