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Books on or about Texas and by Texas writers.

The Texas Legacy Project

Conservation efforts in the Lone Star State.

Traveling the Shore of the Spanish Sea

A photo-essay that charts the Gulf Coast from Texas through Mexico.

Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas

The best in Texas organic agriculture.

One Million Acres and No Zoning

A rumination on Houston's unrestrained growth.

A Modern Patronage

John and Dominique de Menil give their art to the world.

University Builder

An examination of the founding president of Rice University and his lasting impact on higher education.

Austin, Texas, Then and Now

If you live in Austin, half the photographs in Jeffrey Kerr's book probably will seem commonplace, while the other half might look, at most, only hauntingly familiar.

The Formation and Future of the Upper Texas Coast

In this richly illustrated book, a coastal geologist sets out to answer fundamental questions about coastal evolution, natural processes that affect the coastline, and how human development can be managed to help preserve it.

Flash Floods in Texas

One of the most unfortunately predictable aspects of the Lone Star State: It's going to flood somewhere.

Slething the Alamo: Davy Crockett's Last Stand and Other Mysteries of the Texas Revolution

Did Davy Crockett die in the Battle of the Alamo, or afterward?

The Sunbonnet

A lot of hats will protect you from the sun, but few are as iconic as the American sunbonnet.

The Book of Texas Bays

Need to know something about the Texas coast? This is your book.

Ephemeral City: Cite Looks at Houston

A look at a developers' city.

Pitching Tents

Texas gothic, and funny as hell.

Charles Schorre

A look at one of Houston's premier artists.

Roads to Forgotten Texas

Poetry and photographs that evoke the spirit of Texas.

Houston: A Chronicle of the Bayou City

A history of the principal city on the Texas Gulf Coast.

A Browser's Book of Texas History

Tidbits of Texas history you wish you knew.

The Shadows and Lights of Waco: Millennialism Today

A look at fundamentalism in the post-Waco era.

The Coming Empire

Or, 2000 Miles in Texas on Horseback

Nathaniel A. Taylor

287 pages

The Coming Empire, or 2000 Miles in Texas on Horseback, is a remarkable document of post-Civil War Texas, from its spacious and diverse terrain to its equally diverse peoples. This text was transcribed by hand and carefully edited to eliminate errors.

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