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Bastrop County Historic Landmarks and Places

Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks

in Bastrop County






Aldridge-Fitzwilliam Home

1 mi. S on SH 304 from SH 21 / SH 71

2 mi. W off highway 204


Allen-Fowler House

1404 Wilson St.

30°6′55″N 97°19′22″W


B. D. Orgain House

1508 Church St.

30°6′59″N 97°19′18″W


Bastrop Christian Church

1104 Church St. at corner of Spring St.

30°6′43″N 97°19′17″W


Bastrop County Courthouse

804 Pecan St.

30°6′33″N 97°19′5″W

Courthouse Square, Pine/Walnut/Pecan/Water Streets


Bastrop County Jail

801 Pine St. at corner of Waters St.

30°6′33″N 97°19′7″W


Bastrop Opera House

711 Spring St.

30°6′41″N 97°19′10″W


Burger Home

703 Farm St.

30°6′45″N 97°19′11″W


Calvary Episcopal Church

605 Spring St.

30°6′41″N 97°19′15″W


Crocheron-McDowall House

1502 Wilson St.

30°6′58″N 97°19′22″W


Dr. Sayers' Office

1003 Main St.

30°6′39″N 97°19′11″W


Governor Sayers House

1703 Wilson St.

30°7′4″N 97°19′20″W


H. P. Luckett House

1402 Church St.

30°6′54″N 97°19′18″W


Haralson House

1006 Chestnut St.

30°6′39″N 97°18′57″W


Hartford Jenkins Home

1302 Pecan St.

30°6′50″N 97°19′4″W


Henry N. Bell House

1408 Church St.

30°6′57″N 97°19′18″W


Hubbard - Trigg House

1508 Pecan St.

30°7′0″N 97°19′4″W


Jung - Pearcy House

909 Pecan St.

30°6′38″N 97°19′2″W


Kesselus Building

912 Main St.

30°6′35″N 97°19′13″W


Kleinert Building

910 Main St.

30°6′35″N 97°19′13″W


Kleinert - Hoppe House

806 Jefferson St.

30°6′32″N 97°18′59″W


Margaret Chambers Home

502 Elm St.

30°7′9″N 97°19′20″W


Mina - Bastrop Pioneers Home

1005 Hill St.

30°6′41″N 97°18′54″W


Mt. Olive Baptist Church

250 Mt. Olive Rd.

30°6′18″N 97°25′46″W


Old Bastrop Academy Bell

1201 Main St.

30°6′47″N 97°19′10″W


Old Cornelson-Fehr House

702 S. Main St.

30°6′26″N 97°19′11″W


Old Jenkins Home

1710 Main St.

30°7′8″N 97°19′14″W


P. O. Elzner House

802 S. Main St.

30°6′31″N 97°19′12″W


Pfeiffer Home


1802 Main St.

30°7′9″N 97°19′14″W


R. L. Perkins Home

1307 Church St.

30°6′52″N 97°19′16″W


Richard J. and Annie Brieger House

1508 Hill St.

30°7′0″N 97°18′55″W


Scottie Chambliss Jenkins House

801 Pecan St.

30°6′31″N 97°19′2″W


The A. A. Erhard Home

1205 Pecan St.

30°6′48″N 97°19′2″W

Marker reported missing May 2009.


Trigg Home (Henry E. McGehee House)

5 mi. S on SH 304 (FM 304)


Wallace - Holme House

907 Pine St.

30°6′34″N 97°19′0″W


White - Turner House

1307 Main St.

30°6′52″N 97°19′11″W


Wilbarger House

1403 N. Main St.

30°6′55″N 97°19′12″W


Wiley Hill House

Hills Prairie Rd. E of SH 304

30°2′53″N 97°18′28″W

5 mi. S of Bastrop on SH 304 county road, cutoff to Hills Prairie




Dr. I. B. Nofsinger House

310 N. Main St.

30°21′1″N 97°22′19″W


Elgin Methodist Church

216 W. Third St.

30°21′0″N 97°22′25″W


Meeks - Maynard Cabin

8 mi. S on Upper Elgin River Rd. (CR 127)

30°15′53″N 97°26′21″W


Miller - Gillum House

100 N. Ave. B

30°20′53″N 97°22′23″W




Rock Front Saloon, 1870

557 Old Hwy. 20

30°17′13″N 97°14′24″W

in McDade, intersection of Loop 323 and US 290 on Main St. - in McDade Historical Museum




Chancellor House

201 Ramona St.

30°0′30″N 97°9′40″W


D. O. Hill House

502 Olive St.

30°0′36″N 97°9′26″W


First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Smithville

400 Burleson St. at 4th St.

30°0′29″N 97°9′21″W



First Methodist Church of Smithville

400 Olive St. at 4th St.

30°0′32″N 97°9′28″W



Murray Burleson Home

207 E Eighth St.

30°0′45″N 97°9′22″W


Rabb House

401 Colorado St.

30°0′47″N 97°9′12″W


Yerge-Hill Family Home

401 Main St.

30°0′35″N 97°9′33″W

National Register of Historic Places

in Bastrop County






Allen-Bell House

1408 Church St.

30°06′57″N 97°19′18″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


August Baron House

1707 Pecan St.

30°07′07″N 97°19′03″W


Ed Bastain-Haralson House

1006 Chestnut St.

30°06′39″N 97°18′57″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Bastrop Commercial District

Roughly bounded by Church, Water, Spring, and Walnut Sts.

30°06′38″N 97°19′12″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks; 32 buildings


Bastrop County Courthouse and Jail Complex

Bounded by Pine, Walnut, Pecan, and Water Sts.

30°06′33″N 97°19′05″W

State Antiquities Landmark, includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks


Bastrop State Park

East of Bastrop, bet. TX 21 & 71

30°06′31″N 97°16′55″W


Judge R. Batts House

609 Pecan St.

30°06′26″N 97°19′02″W

Church now stands at the site


S. L. Brannon House

1301 Main St.

30°06′50″N 97°19′11″W


R. J. Brieger House

1508 Hill St.

30°07′00″N 97°18′55″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Jennie Brooks House

1009 Walnut St.

30°06′30″N 97°18′55″W


Brooks-Wilbarger House

1403 Main St.

30°06′55″N 97°19′12″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


J. C. Buchanan House

1010 Pecan St.

30°06′41″N 97°19′04″W


Casino Hall

NE corner of Farm and Fayette

30°06′47″N 97°18′45″W


Colorado River Bridge at Bastrop

State Loop 150 over the Colorado River

30°06′36″N 97°19′21″W


H. B. Combs House

1208 Church St.

30°06′49″N 97°19′18″W


John Cornelson House

702 Main St.

30°06′26″N 97°19′11″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; now the Bastrop County Historical Society Museum


Crocheron-McDowall House

1502 Wilson St.

30°06′58″N 97°19′22″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


J. T. Crysup House

1607 Main St.

30°07′03″N 97°19′11″W


George W. Davis House

1010 Chestnut St.

30°06′39″N 97°18′55″W


Dawson House

1002 Chestnut St.

30°06′39″N 97°18′58″W


Mary Duval House

1502 Pecan St.

30°06′58″N 97°19′04″W


Elzner House

800 Main St.

30°06′31″N 97°19′12″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


August Elzner House

1701 Main St.

30°07′05″N 97°19′11″W


Prince Elzner House

1303 Pecan St.

30°06′51″N 97°19′02″W


Erhard House

907 Cedar St.

30°07′02″N 97°19′03″W


A. A. Erhard House

1106 Pecan St.

30°06′44″N 97°19′04″W


Adolph A. Erhard House

1205 Pecan St.

30°06′48″N 97°19′02″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


E. C. Erhard House

1507 Pecan St.

30°07′00″N 97°19′02″W


Farm House

End of Pecan St.

30°06′03″N 97°18′56″W


Fowler House

1404 Wilson St.

30°06′55″N 97°19′22″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Fowler-Jenkins House

1302 Pecan St.

30°06′50″N 97°19′04″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


P. A. Fry House

1403 Emile St.

30°06′22″N 97°18′38″W

Moved from original location to current location across from Emilie School


Rufus A. Green House

1501 Church St.

30°06′58″N 97°19′16″W


Griesenbeck House

805 Pecan St.

30°06′33″N 97°19′02″W


Alf Griesenbeck House

1302 Hill St.

30°06′51″N 97°18′56″W


Erna Griesenbeck House

908 Pine St.

30°06′35″N 97°19′00″W


R. J. Griesenbeck House

1005 Chestnut St.

30°06′37″N 97°18′57″W


Dr. C. A. Grimes House

1201 Farm St.

30°06′45″N 97°18′49″W


Hall-Sayers-Perkins House

1307 Church St.

30°06′52″N 97°19′16″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Eugene Harlson House

803 Jefferson St.

30°06′32″N 97°18′58″W


Emelia Hasler House

1004 Pine St.

30°06′35″N 97°18′57″W


T. A. Hasler House

1109 Pecan

30°06′45″N 97°19′02″W


House at 1002 Pine

1002 Pine St.

30°06′35″N 97°18′58″W


House at 1002 Walnut

1002 Walnut St.

30°06′31″N 97°18′58″W


House at 1105 Hill

1105 Hill St.

30°06′45″N 97°18′54″W


House at 1108 Hill

1108 Hill St.

30°06′45″N 97°18′55″W


House at 1301 Hill

1301 Hill St.

30°06′51″N 97°18′53″W


House at 1308 Fayette

1308 Fayette St.

30°06′53″N 97°18′45″W


House at 1316 Farm

1316 Farm St.

30°06′47″N 97°18′44″W


House at 311 Pecan

311 Pecan St.

30°06′14″N 97°19′02″W


House at 604 Elm

604 Elm St.

30°07′09″N 97°19′16″W


House at 806 Jefferson

806 Jefferson St.

30°06′32″N 97°18′59″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Houses at 703 and 704 Austin

703 and 704 Austin

30°06′27″N 97°19′09″W


Hubbard-Trigg House

1508 Pecan St.

30°07′00″N 97°19′04″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Iron Bridge

Over Piney Creek on Main St.

30°07′53″N 97°19′16″W


Jenkins House

801 Pecan St.

30°06′31″N 97°19′02″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Jenkins House

1710 Main St.

30°07′08″N 97°19′14″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


George Washington Jones House

Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and Mill St. (formerly Fayette St. and Mill St.)

30°06′08″N 97°18′41″W


Oliver P. Jones House

1009 Pecan St.

30°06′41″N 97°19′02″W


Jung Storage Building

801 Emilie (corner of Emilie and Water)

30°06′23″N 97°19′07″W


Alf Jung House

508 Pecan St.

30°06′22″N 97°19′04″W


Joe Jung House

909 Pecan St.

30°06′38″N 97°19′02″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Kerr Community Center

1308 Walnut

30°06′31″N 97°18′43″W


Beverly and Lula Kerr House

1305 Pine St.

30°06′34″N 97°18′43″W


Kleinert House

1801 Hill St.

30°07′09″N 97°18′55″W


Kohler-McPhaul House

1901 Pecan St.

30°07′17″N 97°19′03″W


H. P. Luckett House

1402 Church St.

30°06′54″N 97°19′18″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Bartholomew Manlove House

502 Elm St.

30°07′09″N 97°19′20″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Powell C. Maynard House

1408 Pecan St.

30°06′56″N 97°19′04″W


W. E. Maynard House

1310 Hill St.

30°06′54″N 97°18′55″W


Harriet and Charlie McNeil House

1805 Pecan St.

30°07′08″N 97°19′03″W


Marcellus McNeil House

1809 Wilson St.

30°07′14″N 97°19′21″W

Demolished and replaced with new house


Willis Miley House

1320 Farm St.

30°06′47″N 97°18′37″W


MKT Depot

NW Chestnut and Fayette

30°06′40″N 97°18′46″W


Old Bastrop Co. Pavilion

1800 block of Hawthorne

30°07′16″N 97°18′47″W


L. W. Olive House

1507 Main St.

30°07′00″N 97°19′11″W


Elbert S. Orgain House

1704 Main St.

30°07′06″N 97°19′14″W


Sarah Jane Orgain House

602 Cedar St.

30°07′00″N 97°19′16″W


Paul D. Page House

1702 Pecan St.

30°07′05″N 97°19′05″W


J. H. Pearcy House

1602 Pecan St.

30°07′02″N 97°19′05″W


Phieffer House

1802 Main St.

30°07′09″N 97°19′14″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


J. W. Pledger House

1704 Wilson St.

30°07′06″N 97°19′22″W


Ploeger-Kerr-White House

806 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr (formerly Marion St.)

30°06′33″N 97°18′41″W


Rabensburg House

707 Pecan St.

30°06′30″N 97°19′02″W


Mrs. William R. Reding House

901 Pecan St.

30°06′35″N 97°19′02″W


Gov. Joseph Sayers House

1703 Wilson St.

30°07′04″N 97°19′20″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


W. F. Schaeffer House

608 Pecan St.

30°06′26″N 97°19′04″W


Richard Starcke House

710 Water St.

30°06′30″N 97°19′08″W


Richard Starcke House

703 Main St.

30°06′28″N 97°19′10″W


Campbell Taylor and Greenleaf Fisk House

1005 Hill St.

30°06′41″N 97°18′54″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Waugh House

1801 Main St.

30°07′09″N 97°19′12″W


White House

1307 Main St.

30°06′52″N 97°19′11″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark


Wilke House

807 Pecan St.

30°06′33″N 97°19′02″W


Minnie Wilkes House

1101 Hill St.

30°06′43″N 97°18′53″W




Hopewell School

690 TX 21 W

30°05′55″N 97°27′41″W




Elgin Commercial Historic District

Roughly, along Main St., Ave. C, Central and Depot Aves. and 1st and 2nd Sts.

30°20′52″N 97°22′14″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmark




Abraham Wiley Hill House

5 mi (8.0 km). SW of Hills Prairie

30°02′53″N 97°18′28″W

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark




Smithville Commercial Historic District

2nd, 3rd, and Main Sts.

30°00′28″N 97°09′35″W

36 buildings


Smithville Residential Historic District

Roughly bounded by Cleveland, First, Mills, N. 9th, Burleson, Colorado, and the Colorado R.

30°00′33″N 97°09′23″W

Includes Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks; 191 buildings




Lower Elgin Road Bridge at Wilbarger Creek

County Road 55 at Wilbarger Creek

30°13′21″N 97°24′34″W

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