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Texas State Highway 95

Texas State Highway 95 marks the boundary between the fertile farmland to the east and the rocky uplift known as the Balcones Fault to the west. Well before I-35 dominated north-south traffic, TX 95 was the way to go. And it still is for a leisurely trip that includes everything from the famous Coors brewery to historic railroads, forts, and Indian fights. And don't forget the drag racing!

There’s a lot to see on this historic route, both old and new, so grab your phone, log on to this website, get into your car, and journey with us as we travel along this road that has something for everybody.

Traveling the Route

SH 95 not only passes through historic towns but crosses many important Central Texas rivers and streams and through a variety of terrain. Over time, we hope to cover as much of this bucolic and historic route as possible, and will constantly add to the site. To make your journey easier, we break the route into three distinct legs, each of which can be easily explored in a single day from Austin, San Antonio, or any of the other small cities and towns in close proximity. Of course, you might want to take a more leisurely weekend journey along any of these legs because, plain and simple, there is much to see and experience.


The Texas Trails travel guide for SH 95 follows the route from south to north, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tap in anywhere along its length and go in either direction. Please note that there are many towns and places to visit in each of the six counties that SH passes through, but this guide covers only locations and towns that lie directly on or within close proximity to the route. However, in the County Histories pages, you can find lists of other sights that might be farther off SH 95 but that also are of interest.

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