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About This Painting

Thieves usually steal what is valuable, but in this case, the theft provided the value.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

What is it about people and characters who wear only a single glove?

The Road Back

The terrain had changed. How about my old friend?

The End at Danbury High

It might not have gone down in the annals of rock history, but that one concert showed just how outrageous The Doors could be.

Driving Us Crazy

Ruminations on the aging of information in the information age.


I don't know if Clay came up with the idea to hitchhike to visit Ditto, or if I did, but neither of us expected a police party to greet us.

Chaco Canyon

Its strangeness speaks in a voice too hushed to comprehend about the mysteries of the people who built the monumental structures strewn about this dry landscape.

The Oklahoma Kid Meets Frankenstein

I guess it's all Peter Cushing's fault that I am who I am today.

Seeking the Oracle

An in-depth examination of the history of the I-Ching.

The Plaquemine Ferry

Sometimes passages over the impassable become the most important part of the journey.

Notes from Abroad

I will be coming back to Tejas in a week or so. Can't hack it here. I think I have finally gotten over the thing I had that made me want to be somewhere where nobody else was.

Spring Break 1969

Crazy Glenn wanted me to hitchhike to California with him. We were eighteen and it was spring 1969, so it seemed like the thing to do.

The 61st Minute

The man across the grassy clearing looked innocent enough, but I knew that the sparse woods he'd come from very likely held at least one of his friends. Probably with the .30-30 Winchester aimed right at me.

Treasures of the Andes

Peter Yenne has spent the last decade and a half hunting silver treasure in the Andes Mountains, and when he strikes a rich deposit—often in some dusty attic corner or a dirty, disused shed—it's pure gold.

Illegal Alien Checkpoint

As I come out of the west, the first warning is a speed zone sign where no town ever thought to be.

Guadalupe Thoughts

On the occasion of getting sick while camping in the Guadalupe Mountains.

In the Here and Now

I have lived in the present from time to time, and I can tell you that it is much over-rated.

The I-Ching: A Biography

A look at the history of the I-Ching.

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