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Samizdat​ Days at the Office


The Santa Clause




I wanted to title this section "Christmas," but it seems that Santa Claus is the Christmas tradition that bears the brunt of Yuletide sarcasm, as the following half-dozen items show. Besides, can there be Christmas without Santa? Well, maybe, according to the physicists who concocted the best argument ever to disbelieve in Santa. And, as you’ll see, the first two items not only debunk Santa, but also are evidence for my assertion that the early jokes being passed around via email were often recast office samizdat.

1.1.1 Santa Claus-A.jpeg
1.2.1. Santa Claus-B1.jpeg
1.2.2. Santa Claus-B2.jpeg
1.2.3 Santa Claus-B3.jpeg
1.3.1. Santa Claus-C2-0.jpeg
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