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Samizdat Daze at the Office



Work Is Hell




Yes, work is undoubtedly hell. The boss is breathing down your neck, your manager is looking over your shoulder, and so is everybody else. Some of your officemates are incompetent, some outright hostile, and others are self-serving snitches. And then there are the people who steal your lunch or leave disgusting things in the restroom. And all you can do is pray you keep your job and don’t get thrown out of your apartment and find yourself on the street.

8.01.1. We the Willing-1.jpeg
8.02.1. Advantages Of-1.jpeg
8.03.1. Kissing Boss's Ass-1.jpeg
8.04.1. The Plan-1.jpeg
8.05.1. Tell Me Again-1.jpeg
8.06.1. Notice-1.jpeg
8.07.1. The Boss-1.jpeg
8.08.1. Employee Deaths-1.jpeg
8.09.1. The Salesman-1.jpeg
8.10.1. Be Careful-1.jpeg
8.11.1. Administratium-1.jpeg
8.12.1. Floggings Will Continue-1.jpeg
8.13.1. To All Employees-1.jpeg
8.14.1. Living Hell-1.jpeg
8.15.1. Please-1.jpeg
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