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Samizdat Daze at the Office







This category takes on companies, big and small, real and unreal, with an acerbic attack on their excesses. It’s not a long chapter. After all, few office workers probably would dare to post anti-corporate screeds on the walls of their cubicles, but the entries are pointed.

4.1.1. Boeing Letter-1.jpeg
4.2.1. And God Said-1.jpeg
4.3.1. Church Bulletins-1.jpeg
4.4.1. Clockman-1.jpeg
4.5.1. Houston Looting & Plumbing-1.jpeg
4.6.1. The Roadkill Cafe-A1-F.jpeg
4.6.2. The Roadkill Cafe-B1-B.jpeg
4.7.1. Trojan Rejection Letter-1.jpeg
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