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Samizdat Daze at the Office



General Humor




Any time you see “General” in the title, you can bet you can also read it “Miscellaneous.” These are categories where the one-offs compete with the categories that just don’t have enough examples to populate their own chapter. Odds and ends, in other words. Mishmash and smashup. No wonder this is the largest chapter. Some of these entries are nasty, some just funny, and at least one, showing hand-drawn emojis from a time before computer emojis, is prescient. They were meant to be trimmed out with scissors and stuck on things.

5.01.1. Tension-01.jpeg
5.02.1. Lord Grant Me-1.jpeg
5.03.1. Lorena Bobbit Warning-2.jpeg
5.04.1. Anal Retentive-1.jpeg
5.05.1. Misdirected Email-1.jpeg
5.06.1. Emojis-1.jpeg
5.07.1. Poetic License-5.jpg
5.08.1. Best Fruitcake Ever-1.jpeg
5.09.1. Deer Sausage-1.jpeg
5.10.1. Sample Excuses-1.jpeg
5.12.1. Mickey Shooting the Bird-1.jpeg
5.13.1. When You're Down and Out-1.jpeg
5.14.1. Humorous Headlines A-1.jpeg
5.15.1. Humorous Headlines B-1.jpeg
5.16.1. Dark Room-4.jpg
5.17.1. Diary of a Texan-1.jpeg
5.18.1. Journal of
5.19.1. Last Nerve-1.jpeg
5.20.1. It's Always Darkest-1.jpeg
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