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Phosphene Magazine

Articles, essays, short fiction, poetry, and other stuff 

Phosphene Magazine

is published by

Phosphene Publishing Co.

Fiction & Poetry

Short Fiction

Lazaro Aleman

Colorado ’71

Letting Go


Richard M. Bolling

Easter Tuesday

Marsha Carter

Nothing but the Blood

Christopher Dow

Meetings with Arthur

Rimbeau's Women

Marie Dybala

A Rose for Anna

Frances Fletcher

The Perfect Gift

Lionel Garcia

The Wedding

Jim Hendrick

Bird the Good

Enid Jimenez

Locked In, Looked Out

Billie Sue Mosiman

Wild Strawberries

Tracey Nichols

The Storm

Steven Robinson

The Field Trip

The Relief of the Cat

Jerry Xia

Honoring the Dead


Phosphene (1978–79) was the first independent, general distribution literary magazine published in Houston, Texas. Featuring poetry, short fiction, and essays, it provided an outlet for talented writers from the city, state, and, occasionally, other regions. This collection presents some of Phosphene’s best pieces and is a must for those interested in Texas literature from the period. (PDF: 188 pages/656k: formatted for loose-leaf binding)


Featuring work by:

Lazaro Aleman, Judson Crews, Earl L. Dachslager, Robert Dante, Christopher Dow, Jan Henson Dow, Gene Fowler, Archibald Henderson, Pat McCulloch, Robin McQuorquodale, Kathryn Stewart McDonald, Harryette Mullen, Marsha Lee Recknagel, Barbara Winder, Christopher Woods, and others

Dialog (1983–84) was the second independent, general distribution literary magazine published in Houston, Texas. With a bimonthly press run of 10,000, it featured poetry, short fiction, essays, and interviews with important regional and national writers. This collection presents some of Dialog’s best pieces and is a must for those interested in Texas literature from the period. (PDF: 195 pages/688k: formatted for loose-leaf binding)


Featuring work by:

James Bettison, Richard M. Bolling, Robert Dante, Christopher Dow, Marie Dybala, Lionel Garcia, Enid Jimenez, Phillip Lopate, Elizabeth McBride, Robin McCorquodale, Vassar Miller, Harryette Mullen, Marie Ponsot, Pattiann Rogers, Christopher Woods, and others


Interviews with:

Lionel Garcia, Leon Hale, Phillip Lopate, Cynthia Macdonald, Michael McClure, Marie Ponsot

The Abbey Stone


by Bartholo Dias

Before disappearing into the jungles of the Amazon Basin in 1986, Bartholo Dias was a very special contributor to the poetry scene in Houston, Texas, and touched the lives of a number of local writers. The Abbey Stone is the sole document that Dias left behind. (24 pages/204k: formatted for looseleaf binding)

The Phosphene Poetry Collection

James Bettison

After Dinner Thought

R.T. Castleberry

Sketch for Mourning

Adrienne Anne Clark

Lazy Afternoon

Annette Craver

Asleep at the Wheel

Judson Crews

His Heavy

Michael Crippen

I Barely Escaped


Jean Croce

Reflections on Work as a "Typist"

Karon Crow

To the Pied Piper

Earl L. Dachslager


Robert Dante

Lessons in Charm

Miles Per Hour

Red Telephones

Reverse Revenge

Secret Music

The Clouds Had Ribs

The Persistene of Memory

The Price

Traffic Overture

J.A. DeGar



Bartholo Dias

Cat's Paw

The Mad Smile of the Half Moon

Who Gains No Wound

Bob Donachie

The Wanderer

Claire Donahue-Korolenko

Pecan Day

Christopher Dow

Abandoned Ruins

City of Dreams

Fall Flies

Mechanics of the Techological Renaissance


There is a Map

Jan Henson Dow

After Reading Velikovsky

Oh America! Oh Benjamin!

Gene Fowler

Zen 21

Stephen R. Gilbert

Still Life

Lisa Goodman

Sitting on a Couch with an Absent Jazzman

Jessica Goody

Certain Doorways


Geraldine Greig

In the Coming Railroad Time of This Country

Nina Haas


Archibald Henderson


Robby Henson

Crackes in Eternity

Kristin Higgins

The Sculptor Manque

Lisa Hunter


Samuel H. Lerner

Antes o Despues

Lyn Lifshin

My Sister's Diaries

Virginia Long

Remembered Fragrance

Phillip Lopate

Straight Man

John Lunstroth


Orson T. Maquelani

On a Lover's Bridge

Karen Wyatt Martin


Elizabeth McBride



The Atoll

James McCracken

History Lesson

The Peril of Travel

Pat McCulloch

Do Dead Men Walk Down Dowling Street?

Martha McDavid

I Wish You Had Been Higher


Two Forces

Kathryn Stewart McDonald



For Franz

For the Whale

Masks for Lost Faces


Shades of Stillness

Sidi Bou Said

View from a Cliff

Robert McGough

Bob Early's Grocery Store in Arkansas

Joan McNearny

An Executive

Robin McQuorquodale

Andres Segovia's Concert

Andres Segovia / Henry Moore



Rose II


The Promise

D. Meeks

Bing Cherries, Purple Plums


Vassar Miller

A Rage for Order for Rose



What Really Happens

Harryette Mullen

A Brand of Love

Easter Colors

B. Parker


Marie Ponsot

Metro Bus


Marshal Lee Recknagel

A Friend


Steven Robinson

Star Mission of Hope


Pattiann Rogers

A Sequence of Circumstance

Remembering the Imagination: A Love Letter

The Myth of Fields


Carol Royal

Going Home

Winter Visitors

Jacqueline Simon

The Biloxi Shrimper Confesses to His Monsignor

The Monsignor Repies to the Shrimper

Sidney Wade

French Lilacs

Two Leaves

Barbara Winder

The Problem of Wild Horses

Christopher Woods



John Zern


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